Express Cargo

We, at Capricorn Express, understand the importance of right product being available at the right place at the right time. Right from the time of conception of our company, we have been adept at accomplishing insurmountable tasks.

What makes us different here at Capricorn Express, is our dedication to quality of service, enabling us to bring the best of the lot to our customers. Whether we deliver 1 shipment or 1000 shipments for your company, our fundamental values stay the same and are highlighted in our high levels of customer care.

International Express

Our International Express service uses multiple networks. Before taking our orders, we do a complete carrier analysis to determine which would be the best suitable mode for your shipment. Our widespread Capricorn Network only helps us to provide better monitoring facilities.

Parcel Express

We provide complete knowledge about the necessary procedures required to get your parcels delivered. Our staff boasts of a thorough understanding of the terrain along with an ability to reach even the remotest of locations.

Document Express

We pride ourselves in delivering time-sensitive documents, thereby, bringing value to your business through pro-active strategic planning and implementation of our service. The document express requires little paperwork so as to keep your hassles to the minimum.