Warehousing & Distribution

Our warehouses are equipped with top-class Material Handling Equipments (MHE) such as forklifts, electrical pallet trucks, systematic racking system, hydraulic docking, etc. coupled with well trained professionals across all levels. We boast not only of a country-wide network but also a worldwide network of warehouses and distribution centers.

While our local network of warehouses cater to the warehousing needs of customers in all Metros as well as remote cities like Brynihat, Siliguri and Raipur, our inter-national network of warehouses in Hong Kong, Chicago and UAE cater to our overseas customers. Steadily extending its network and establishing its footprints in Middle East, US, UK South East and other parts of the globe, Capricorn is turning out to be one of the major logistic players offering topnotch SCM services to its valued clients.

Cross Docking

Capricorn’s cross-docking solution ensures that your products flow directly from inbound to outbound within your DC, and save you costs incurred on storage and other warehousing activities. Cross docking will dramatically reduce your distribution cost and expedite your delivery time, and is especially helpful with product consolidation.

Bonded Warehouses

Capricorn provides bonded facilities to customers to store goods with deferment of duties until the point of despatch.

Shared Warehouses

We provide warehouse space, MHE, systems, and manpower cost on a shared basis to customers. Capricorn offers shared warehousing solutions for both forward and reverse logistics.
Our shared warehouse solutions can reduce your warehousing and distribution costs by a great measure.

Dedicated Warehouse Solutions

We offer warehousing solutions to fit your type of product, space, and capacity requirements. Whether it’s components or consumer goods, high-bay or low-bay, automated or manual, we offer you solution based on your particular business need.
We design and offer solution based on your products seasonal profiles, packing requirements, and volume requirements.

Value added services

There’s more to unlocking the potential of your supply chain than streamlining transportation operations. Sometimes it means taking advantage of value-added services to tailor products and packaging to channel and consumer preferences.

Capricorn’s value-added services give you agility to respond to special orders, unexpected shifts in consumer demand and changing retailer requirements. Integrating these services with our distribution and transportation management services adds even more supply chain flexibility while decreasing operating costs.

Our Value added services include:

Vendor Management

Packaging and Repackaging

Sequencing/Line Feeding

Assembly and Kitting